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I Had So Much To Be Thankful For. Why Didn't I feel Fulfilled? 
Why Didn't I Feel Happy?

For years, those were the questions that I asked myself over and over again, because whatever I did was just never enough. This affected both my personal life and my business. It affected everything in my life, except for my Facebook status updates.  

For me, joy, happiness, and prosperity; it all lived in the future. I never brought it to the present moment. What I needed was a constant reminder.

So I went online. I bought a nice watch.

I ripped out the guts and I put it all back together with the word NOW on the inside. After wearing it for not even a day, I had family members and strangers asking me what kind of watch it was. I smiled and said, 'The Time Is Now, the ONLY time that matters.’

See in the crazy world of technology that we live in, what we thought was going to connect us more, in some cases has actually double-crossed us. Especially when it comes to the people that we care about and love the most. 

I began to realize that the best gift that we can give is the gift of the present moment, because tomorrow is not a promise. 

The first time this message resonated with me personally was at my brother's funeral. My dad shared that Silas lived more life in his 23 years than most do in a normal lifetime. 

Attending funerals has a way of making us really think about what's most important. The sad part is if we are not reminded, we often slip back into our same old routines. 

This watch only tells the time that matters the most. NOW. I mean, let's face it, we don't use our watches to tell time anymore. Our cell phones are always glued to our hands. What this is, is a reminder to slow down a bit and be grateful for what we have, NOW

It’s a reminder to smile and enjoy life, NOW. A reminder that the best time to take action in our lives is NOW. A reminder that the best time to say, thank you, I appreciate you, I love you, is NOW, because relationships are the real currency of life. 

Claim Your Free NOW Watch!

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The Only Time That Matters - Time is NOW
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